Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fabric Dye!!

I'm dyeing fabric!! After sewing my pillowcase sundress, I found out that I most likely won't be able to dye it pink, because it's 100% polyester. And apparently, 100% polyester isn't a fabric you can dye at home, without a very complicated process and buying the dye online. So instead I went through all the pillowcases the husband and I aren't using, and found a few that would work. So I went and bought dye! I used Rit Dye - Petal Pink.
Here is everything I was using! I ended up with 4 pillowcases to dye. An off-white one, a pure white one, a LIGHT purple one and I decided to go ahead and dye the polyester one, just to see, which was a creme color. The instructions were super simple and easy to follow.
Here are my pillowcases in the dye bath. I was using old wooden chopsticks to stir, they worked very well!
Here they are, wet and hanging up to dry. The one on the left was the off-white one, middle was purple and right was pure-white. The pure white seems to turn out the best when it was still wet, but they are all drying differently. Once they are completely dry I will have to take another picture to post on here.
And here is what the polyester looks like so far. I read online that when I wash it, all the dye will wash out. But that's okay. It was mostly an experiment to see what would happen if I tried to dye polyester. It's lightly tinted a very pale pink. It's very pretty, so I will be sad if (or when) it washes out. But I look forward to seeing what will happen, learning experience!! Once everything is dry, I'm going to wash them in the bathtub, and let them dry again before I cut and sew them into sundresses. The polyester pillowcase is the only one that is already made into a sundress. The other three are still in pillowcase form. That's my plan for the next few days! =]

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