Friday, March 11, 2011

Making presents!!

I went to the craft store!! I had about $30 leftover from a Hobby Lobby Christmas giftcard, so I decided to make my niece's birthday present for her party this weekend, and make a handbag for my sister's birthday next week. Felt for the food is on the left, the middle fabric is for an apron with a felt mickey mouse pocket on it, and the right is the fabric for my sister's handbag.
For my niece, I'm going to make her some very simple felt food, and then an apron. For the felt food, I want to make her cookies, pizza, eggs, pancakes, bacon; then I'm going to make a very simple apron, with a felt mickey mouse shape as the pocket on the front of it. My niece is turning 2 next month, but her birthday party is in a few days. I know that I'm cutting it a little close, but her mom completely forgot that they were having her party this weekend, so I only found out a couple days ago. I think it will turn out great and super adorable. As soon as I'm finished with this entry, I'm going to clear off the coffee table and start working on the food.
Then for my sister, I want to make a cute purse. She's turning 14, and into bright colors and shapes. A typical early teenager, so I got some bright t-shirt type material with flowers and piece signs on it. She'll love it. Her birthday is in about a week, so after I finish all the felt food and apron, I will start working on her bag.
Here is a close-up for the fabric. My niece's apron fabric is on the left, my sister's purse fabric is on the right. =] I'll post more later, as I make some progress with all of this.

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