Monday, March 14, 2011

My niece's birthday present! =]

This is the finished product! I made her some felt food and an apron with a Minnie Mouse pocket. Then I bought this little basket to put it all in. I made her sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pizza, eggs, pancakes and (her favorite) BACON!!
This is after I cut out all the felt shapes. I free-handed everything except all the circles, which I traced using 2 bowls, a cup, a penny and a shot glass. At this point, my hand was almost completely numb from holding the scissors and I hadn't even starting sewing yet!! I saw another blog where a woman had used the chocolate chips on the cookies as counting tools. My niece is turning two, so I thought that her idea would be perfect!
And this is after I was finished sewing everything. Everything is hand-sewn, no sewing machine used for this project! I ended up gluing the bacon together (the sewing just didn't look right) and the sprinkles on the sugar cookies. The sauce, cheese and pepperonis on the pizza are all glued together too, but then I sewed them together when the glue dried.
This is her finished apron! I love this apron. The fabric is a little more heavy duty cotton, bought at Hobby Lobby. The ribbon is a generic pink ribbon and the Minnie Mouse shape is black felt. I made a basic pattern using leftover wrapping paper, and cut the fabric out. I used fabric glue is apply the ribbons to all the edges, and put a long piece along the front for the waist tie. I sewed velcro onto the neck strap, so she can grow into as she gets older. I cut the three circles out of black felt and glued them together. I then put a few markers under the head for a little pit of a gap, and glued it to the front of the apron. Once the glue was dry, a put a simple stitch around the Minnie Mouse, for a bit of reinforcement.
It was her favorite birthday present! Her party was yesterday, and she didn't play with anything else after she put on her apron and recognized all the food. Her mom told me today that she has been playing with it all day today and didn't want to take it off when it was time to get into the bath.
Besides the apron, her favorite thing is the BACON!! She has been carrying the bacon around in the pocket of her apron since she put it on. And if she starts to get cranky, or take a toy away from her sisters, or get whiney, all you have to do is ask her "where's the bacon?" She will look at you, say "bacon?" and then run off to go find it. It's pretty hilarious. And, having never made felt food or an apron before, I'm pretty freaking proud of this! Her mom has already asked about felt food for Christmas presents, and I'm making a list of foods I'm going to make soon. Strawberries, carrots, grapes, bread and sandwich fixings are all already on the list. I'm excited to get started!

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