Monday, March 14, 2011

My sister's birthday present!

My sister, Madison, is turning 14 on Wednesday. So I pulled together this simple purse and made a cute little headband out of the scraps. It's made from a jersey/t-shirt material. The tutorial that I followed got the measurements mixed-up for how deep the purse should be and how long the purse straps should be, so the purse turned out a little wonky, but I like it. I like how bright and colorful it is, especially for my teenager sister.
I took some leftover scraps and made a simple flower, and then sewed in onto the where the purse straps meet, to hide the stitching and for a little added girly-ness.
I think duplicated the flower and attached it to some extra pink fabric lengths. I tried it on, and it made a super cute little headband. Once I give my sister her gift, I will post a picture of her with it. I hope she loves it! She was pretty excited when I told her I was making her a present, so I bet she'll love it. =]

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