Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh jeez..

So, yesterday I made a rag doll. Using scraps from an old sheet, a pair of REALLY crappy scissors and a lot of cursing, I was able to bust out a rag doll. I finished it while my husband, Brian and a friend of ours, Mike were sitting near me watching a futbol game. They both pointed out how creepy my rag doll head was, because the eyes were tiny  and the hair was just started. I told them that the doll was only half-finished, and they both urged me to keep it like it was, REALLY creepy. I obliged, and then began to get SO frustrated at my sewing machine that kept snagging. I finally gave up, ended up sewing the thing together by hand and it looked busted. And creepy. I gave it to Mike last night (he really likes creepy) so I don't have a picture to post of it yet. It looks to bad though, I actually feel sorry for the poor little doll. I think I'm going to try and make another one soon, try again. I got another pair of scissors, and I'm going to make this one bigger. The Creepy Doll (as he is now called in our house, and it's most definitely a "he") is pretty small, maybe about 7-8 inches tall. I have enough scraps from my sheet to make a good-sized "proto-type" doll, to get a feel of what I can get one to look like.. Poor Creepy Doll. I will get Mike to take a picture of it and then post on here. He's sad..

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