Sunday, May 22, 2011


So, I have been working on a few projects lately. 2 of them I can't post here yet, because they are gifts that haven't been given yet. But the third one, the one I just finished yesterday, wasn't so much an actual gift (although I did give it to a friend on mine), it was more of an experiment. So I'm posting it on here!
It's a mini Link. Link, for those who don't know, is a character from Legend of Zelda. Apparently, he's a big deal. I made 2 friends of mine their own life-size versions of the hat Link wears. That got me to thinking, I should make a Link doll. I made this little one, and then knit the clothes for him. His hair and face are all yarn, his clothes, boots and hat are all knit too. His body is just an old sheet that I hand-sewed together. I think he turned out super cute!!

Here's just the back of him. Again, I knit the clothes and sewed the body. Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. And then here is a picture with my hand in it, just to get a general idea of how small the Link guy is.
He's pretty small! Excuse my big hand! But I love this little guy! I gave him to my friend Traci, who really likes Legend of Zelda. She LOVES him!! Hopefully, when I work out some kinks, I will make some more of these little peeps. And as soon as I give the other 2 gifts I have already finished, I will post those too. =]

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