Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Holy moly!! I just bought a LOAD of fabric remnants from a lady off of It's amazing!! She gave me 4 white garbage bags FULL of a bunch of fabric for $10!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! Some of the fabric is really good stuff, some of it I will probably throw away. But I'm so excited about everything I got! Cotton, denim, polyester, fleece and much more.. AND a bunch of wool!! I've started making plans with it all already. I'm thinking stuffed animals, dolls, doll clothes and much more!
Plus, my mom's friend is moving soon, so she gave me a big bag full of yarn that she's not going to use and/or didn't want to take with her. So, I have more yarn to plan a bunch of projects with! On top of all my awesome new stuff I just got, I also have to go buy primer so I can paint the dining room table and chairs. I stopped sanding everything a long time ago, but I would really like to at least get everything primed and ready for paint colors soon. I have to research and find the best primer that seals out water and can take a lot of heat, since it is a table and we will probably have hot plates on it at some point. Before I'm going to allow myself to make anymore dolls or start any new projects, I am going to go talk to someone about the best primers and paints for table-tops. Maybe I will do that tomorrow! =]

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