Monday, July 4, 2011

Alive! And sweating a lot..

Our a/c is on the fritz!! It's crazy! But Brian and I are an awesome team, so we are making it work! I'm channeling my inner Tim Gunn and have been saying "Make it work!" a lot lately, to myself, of course!
I had been working on a blanket for a friend of mine, for her baby shower. It turned out the wrong size for a blanket, a little too long and not wide enough. But then, it turned out to be the PERFECT size to cover the baby carseat!! I don't have any pictures of it yet, but as soon as I get some, I will post them! =]
As for my other recent projects -
I made this little bunny! She's small, I named her Jo. I don't really have anyone to give her to yet, but I'm sure she will make it into a gift sometime.. =]
I cut her out of some scraps of an old sheet, then sewed her face on with bits of yarn and an embroidery needle.
Then I sewed her together using embroidery thread and stuffed her with some stuffing I bought recently.
And I think she is super cute!! I made her dress, belt and hair-bow out of bits of yarn I had around the house. It wasn't enough to use as a bigger project, so I just had it around the craft area in the apartment. And now, she's sitting on our movie shelves until I can find her a home with someone else!

Besides that, I made myself an outfit yesterday out of things I already had in my closet! I took a sundress that Brian accidentally shrunk in the wash (it's 3 different colors of pink), and cut the top off of it and made it into a skirt. Then I got a white tank top (the only white shirt I have that doesn't have stains on it in the bust region.. for now..) and paired it with some bright pink flip-flops. TA-DA! New outfit!! It's super comfy and bright and very airy, so I will be wearing it a lot for the rest of the summer! I also have a blue sundress and a brown one, some type of dress, that I think will be made into skirts too. These 2 are as shrunk as the other ones, but they all are a little too tight around the boobs, but they make awesome skirts! Especially since I have been pretty much living in tanks lately. Compliments of living in the desert during the summer!
Here is the only picture I can find of my new outfit. I will have to take a better pic when I wear it again. This is from the AWESOME BBQ our friends Becky and Mike had yesterday. But the skirt is 3 stripes of pinks, with a white tank. Super comfy and breezy. I love it!
Next on the agenda are 3 gifts of dolls that I have just a couple months to make.I have to go tomorrow and buy a white sheet to make them, and maybe a little bit of extra yarn. Then I will be busting butt to get them finished before we go on vacation around Labor Day!! Super excited about that!! =] More posting to come soon! =]

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