Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking a quick break!

I have been busy busy! My wonderful husband went with me to the craft store today, so give me some advice about NFL colors for yarn. Once we got home, I finished a long and VERY VERY warm scarf for myself. It's not like I will need the scarf anytime soon, but it was close to being finished and I really needed the needles it was taking up. I will take pictures of it tomorrow, when I can have Brian take the pictures and use the outside light. I really love this new scarf!! After I finished that, I started working on the little bunny dolls I am making. I haven't decided if I'm going to post pictures of them or not yet, because they are surprise gifts. But they are coming out super cute so far!!
I can't believe we are going on vacation so soon! It's only about a month away!! WOOT! I'm so excited! Brian and I are already making plans of what we want to do up while we are on vacation and fun stuff like that!!
Once we get back from vacation, Brian and I want to start some new life goals that I'm also very excited about! I made the decision that I want to start making one meal a week (maybe once every 2 weeks) that we haven't tried making before. Already on the list are Shepard's pie and meatball sandwiches! I also want to start making all of our own bread, rolls, biscuits, muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, etc. I'm really excited about this!! We contemplated buying a bread maker, but decided that we would rather actually make everything ourselves. I'm going to start with just simple wheat bread, wait until I make that perfectly and then start to slowly branch out from there.
I also have a whole list of things, crafty-wise, that I want to make when we get home. I found an AWESOME tutorial for making flowers out of duct tape that I want to make and attach to headbands. I want to buy some cheap and colorful tulle, to try making a tutu. If I can make some really cute tutus, then I will definitely start making some for my favorite little girls!
But for now, I am working my little fingers with a bunch of knitting I have to do for the little dolls that I am making! And in the back of my mind, I also thinking of what crafty projects I'm going to take with me on vacation (I can't just be gone for over a week without something to keep my hands busy!!) and I have to start thinking of Christmas presents already!!
I'm off to get back to work, I will update more soon! =]

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