Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dye Job!!

I have been dyeing like a nut lately!! I had a present I was working on for my favorite 8 year old little girl, which pretty much launched me into dyeing like crazy! So here are my recently completed projects! I will start off with the birthday present that I just finished for Maddi, she is turning 8 years old tomorrow.
I made her pink and purple water balloon flip-flops first. Just a standard Wal-Mart pair of pink flip-flops, with pink and purple water balloons from Party City. I was SO thankful to find these water balloons at Party City, since they sell them in color-coded packs of 100. YAY!! So much easier than picking out the colors you want from a huge bag of multicolored balloons.
Then I bought some hairclips from Hobby Lobby, and tied the extra balloons onto them, to make her little matching clips for her hair.
 Tie-dyed shirt I made!!!! I had a few extra shirts from buying some for my sister, so I took a small plain white shirt, with some pink and purple fabric dye and TADA!! I made an awesome pattern! I'm just a little bummed that the purple totally took over the pink dye, so you see more purple than pink, but I still love it! It should be a little big on her, but she's getting so tall so fast, I think it will fit just fine.
Then, here is the back of the shirt. So, pretty much the same, just reversed. I still love it! I will probably be dyeing some more stuff soon, after I finish my current project. =]
This shirt is dyed with KOOL-AID!!! That's right, kool-aid dyed shirt. It started out with white lines on it, but when I was washing out the dye, it all kinda mushed together. But still, KOOL-AID!! Cherry, to be exact. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I'm super stoked that it went from a white shirt to this.
I also dyed this messed up skirt! I was an off-white color, and the first skirt that I made for myself that I totally messed up. I still have to fix the hem on it, it's a little wonky. I'm going to cut and even out the hem, and then use the scraps to make a little flower for a headband.
But I love it!! =] Brian loves it too. He told me that it's the kinda things he could see me wearing with a black sweater and black boots or a white tank and white flip-flops. He's so stylish!! =]
Then I dyed some white yarn! I made a hat last winter that turned out like crap and WAY too big, so I took it apart to reuse the yarn in another project. I wrapped it around a stool I have (that's going to get recovered and painted too) and dyed it in the bathtub.
 2 sides of the wrapped yarn are a light purple, and the other 2 sides are light pink. I'm thinking that when I knit with it, it will have an awesome swirly pink and purple color. I'm excited to see how it come out!
 I freaking love it!! I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it, I was thinking maybe a hat? I don't know. It's not enough for a scarf for sure. Maybe I will try to make myself another slouchy hat. I love my green one I made, and this one would be freaking adorable as a hat!!
Here's the yarn with the flash on the camera. All shimmery and pretty. LOVE IT!! I will definitely be dyeing more yarn sometime. I have a good friend who wants a purple and green hat, and the Joann's Fabrics near my house is having a huge sale on everything, so I might have to go stock up on some white yarn that's super cheap, and then I will dye it when I need it. I'm excited about these possibilities! So, this is everything I've been working on lately! I am a little over halfway finished knitting a baby blanket right now, and I'm working like nuts to finish it soon so I can send it out (it's a gift.) And after that is finished and sent, I will post again. =]

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