Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm alive!!

This is what I had for breakfast, homemade cinnamon rolls. YUMMY!! =]

I have been working my little tushie off sewing all this felt food for an order!! I will post pictures as soon as I send it off. A friend of mine ordered a set of felt food for her son, for Christmas. It all turned out so super cute!!
I had been only working on the felt food, so not that it's done, I have other projects that I'm working on. I'm in the process of making my Christmas list of gifts that I'm getting/making for family and friends. I actually think that besides my wonderful husband, I am making almost EVERY single gift that we are giving this year. I'm super excited about it!! =] As soon as I get this food mailed out, I will be back to post more pictures. I will also get online sometime before the end of the week (hopefully) and post some pictures of my on-going projects right now. More soon!! =]

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