Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Decorations!!

I love Christmas!! Every year I so much look forward to putting up our tree and busting out the decorations! So here are a few pictures of the tree I decorated (Brian puts up the tree and puts on the lights, I decorate it!) and some other things I made for our house.

 O Christmas Tree!! With our gate that we bought (for cheap!) to go around it, to keep our crazy pets out of it, with our stockings.

 Without the gate and stockings..

I took a bunch of our extra ornaments and fills 3 vases we have with them, and TADA! Centerpieces! They would be on our dining room table, if it was finished yet, but it's not.. =] 

And this is our wreath, that I MADE!! It's hanging on our front door, with an A for our last name! =]

Next year I hope to have a few other decorations around our house, but this is more than enough for now! I love our decorations and will sad for Christmas to be over and we have to take them down. =]

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