Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some Christmas Presents! =]

I gave some Christmas presents a little early (my favorite 8 year old, Maddi, is spending Christmas with her dad so she got her presents early, along with the rest of her family!). So I will be showing the presents that they all got from me, plus Macee's first birthday is today, so I'll show her present too. =]
This is an old frame, turned into an earring holder for Maddi. 
This is an old frame, turned into a Sisters picture frame for Maddi.
This is an old frame, turned into a Jackpot frame for Mike&Becky, with 3 spaces for their 3 little girls! 
This is a pink and purple tutu for Makenna.
This is a pink and purple tutu for Macee.
These are matching hairbows for Mak and Macee. The top and bottom are Mak's. The middle is Macee's.
And this is Macee's birthday present! They are shapes cut out of different colors of felt, so she can learn shapes and colors! 
 Maddi, being silly!!
She loved them both!! 

Macee Lorynn!! 
Action shot! So cute! 
 Makenna Grace!
She loved her "skirt and hay-bows" as she called them! Wore them from bath to bed! =]

So these are the presents I have made so far!! After Christmas I will post pictures of gifts for my in-laws, my parents, my brothers, my sister and what I bought for Brian. I'm also about to post another entry with pictures of our tree and a few decorations. =]

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