Monday, April 9, 2012

A few new things I've been working on..

First off, if you have upgraded to the new blogger, what do you think? I'm not liking it right now, but I'm getting used to it. =]  Here are some pictures of a bunch of projects I have done lately. I don't have pictures of everything I've finished, as I mailed off some projects before I took pictures. But I'm going to try and get pictures to post on here soon!

First, here is a wreath I just made for my mom's birthday. It's green, purple and flower-print ribbon, with a purple "K" (for their last name) and a bunny. My mom collects bunnys and rabbits, so I thought it fit her. She loved it! =] Super simple to make and I think it's very pretty.

I have also just started knitting these slouchy type hats, I made up the pattern after I bought new knitting needles and decided to try something new. =] 

I don't think the style really suits me personally, but I have already sold a few of them, so AWESOME! =]

Actually, I have made and sold a black one, purple one, that green one above, another blue one like this one.. I'm hoping that these really start selling like crazy! =] 

I also just finished 3 yarn wreaths, but one of them is already mailed without me taking pictures (DARN!) so I'm waiting for my grandma to send me a picture of it after she hangs it up. The other 2 are being mailed tomorrow, so I won't post pictures until they arrive, since they are gifts.
I also have knit 3 more beanies for my other grandma in Texas, but again, forgot to take pictures, so I'm waiting for her to send me pictures of them.
Once I have everything mailed off that has already been made and sold, then I'm going to buy the yarn to knit a baby blanket for a friend of Brian's from work. They are expecting their first baby in August. =]

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