Saturday, April 28, 2012

New things happening!

Hello all! New things are going on with me and my crafty things! First off, I made myself a Facebook page for She's Freaking Crafty. It's going great so far! I'm hoping to get up to 50 likes so I can do a giveaway right off!
Second, we got approved for a new, bigger and NICER apartment!! We move at the beginning of July and I can't wait! I'm so excited!
And then here is the most recent project I have finished - a baby blanket with a matching hat and booties! It's so cute! The blanket has already been bought bought by a friend of mine, but the hat and booties are still for sale.
 Blue, green and white yarn.
 So pretty and soft!
Plus, you can toss it in the washer and dryer, no problem! 
 Sized for a newborn-3ish months..
So cute!! 

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