Saturday, September 22, 2012

Minnesota Vikings Baby!!

A couple from my hubby's work told us all they were pregnant at a Superbowl last February. She's not really into football, but he is a HUGE Minnesota Vikings fan. So I decided to make them a baby blanket (Brian told them I would, so it was pretty much decided! lol) using the Vikings colors, but baby-fied! =] I only have 2 pictures off my cell phone, this was during the "can't find the camera charger" period..

 Here it is!! I absolutely love it! A light yellow, a girly purple, with a little white too.

It took me a little while to knit, because I wanted it to be a good size. It is super stretchy and perfect. 

They both loved it. She knew I was knitting a blanket for her the whole time, but I didn't tell her what colors or anything. She was actually the one who pointed out the Viking s colors to her husband, and he was stoked. They had their daughter a few weeks ago (I haven't seen her yet) but I'm hoping they use the blanket and love it. =]

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