Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week Two!

I have another weigh in to blog about! I weighed myself this morning before I had to go to work. I was running on about 2 1/2 hours of sleep, so I wasn't as excited this morning as I am now, but I'm happy!

Starting weight  -
September 12th - 262lb.
Weight after week one -
September 19th - 255lb
Weight after week two -
September 26th - 253lb

I have lost another 2 pounds!! Woot woot!! =] So far since I've started my 12 week challenge I have lost 9 pounds! Yay! And my goal was to be under 250lb by the time we go to Denver for vacation, and we leave in a little less than 5 weeks. It's going to happen!! =]

My diet was really great this week, I didn't go over the allotted calories once this week, even when we ate out. I didn't go to the gym once though, so I'm definitely going to bring that back in this week. I have been walking, but I need to hit the gym more. Once I add that back in, I'm sure I can keep up the steady weight loss. =] More next week!!

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