Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Very cunning indeed..

This is my newest project I just finished! On the right is the hat, worn by the character Jayne Cobb in the tv show Firefly. My best friend asked me a little bit ago if I could possibly make the hat as close to the original as possible. Quite a feat, since only about 5 original pictures pop up if you google "jayne cobb hat firefly". And about half of those pictures are stills from the show! So after researching and reading up, I had to basically find colors of yarn that were the closest I could get. My colors are a bit brighter, but I feel like I made a hat super similar. I'm happy with it and excited to get it shipped off! I might even have enough to make a 2nd one.. =] Hopefully, whomever my bestie is giving the hat to for Christmas loves it too!

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