Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 6

I am still sick, but well enough to write a bit about this week's weight loss! I lost a little bit this past week, I'm excited about that! It's not as much as I was hoping for, but it was a loss. So yay! 

Starting weight  -
September 12th - 262lb.
Weight after week one -
September 19th - 255lb
Weight after week two -
September 26th - 253lb
Weight after week three -
October 3rd - 253.4lb
October 6th - 255lb
Weight after week four -
October 8th - 251.4
Weight after week five -
October 15th - 251.4
Weight after week six -
October 23rd - 250.8

So I only loss .6 pounds this week, but yay for seeing the scale go down! And this mean I have one week to lose at LEAST .8 pounds so I can hit my goal of weighing 250 or less by the time we go on vacation. Woot woot! I'm excited! 

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