Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week Four

I was a little skeptical about changing my weigh in day, only giving myself about 2.5 days to show a loss this week, instead of the normal 7 days. But yesterday morning I woke up and instead of eating a huge breakfast first thing, I cleaned house a little and then went to the gym. So once I got home I ate about a 500 calorie breakfast. Since I know my stomache is shrinking too, I was full for a while after that. My two other meals kept me pretty full, so for once I didn't snack and still felt full when I went to bed last night. After the gym I REALLY cleaned house - laundry, dishes, sweep and vacuum. So I felt super productive and healthy yesterday. And it showed this morning!! =]

Starting weight  -
September 12th - 262lb.
Weight after week one -
September 19th - 255lb
Weight after week two -
September 26th - 253lb
Weight after week three -
October 3rd - 253.4lb
October 6th - 255lb
Weight after week four -
October 8th - 251.4

I lost 3.6 pounds!! Woot woot!! =] I'm pretty excited! Now it looks like my goal to be at or under 250 before we go on vacation is just that much closer! =] I'm going to keep going to the gym 3 days a week for now - Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. And the other 4 days a week, I'm going to take my dog on at least 30 minute walks. Like today, I think we might walk over to the park across the street and give him a little run around. =] I'm back to being excited about losing weight! 

I thought I had posted this last Monday, but apparently my blogger decided to save it instead of publishing! Darn blogger! =] So late, but here it is! 

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