Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jack Skellington Ornament

So awesome! So cute! So simple! 

I made this for a friend who likes The Nightmare Before Christmas. She got it just in time for Christmas, to tell me that she doesn't have a tree this year! lol

Super Simple Tutorial - I bought a plain, plastic ornament at the craft store. Then a took a little white paint and watered it down a tiny bit and poured it inside the ornament. Swirled and twirled it around in there until the entire inside of the ornament was covered. (I left the ornament upside-down in the sink for a little while, to drain the excess paint out.) After it was drained and on it's way to drying, I popped the top on! Then, I took a sharpie and free-handed the faces! Happy on one side, not so happy on the other side. Bam! All done! lol I'm already planning on making myself one too! =]

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