Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Starting Over - Starting Fresh!!

For my family, the holidays are over! My hubby and I don't really celebrate the new year, he usually has to work (sometimes I do too) so we just treat it like a regular day/night. Nothing special or fancy. So with our vacation, Thanksgiving and Christmas all behind us, we are starting today by getting back into our life changes! Dieting, exercising, cleaning/organizing the house, all that fun stuff! We plan on moving at the beginning of September 2013. I want to be a completely new person by then, having lost all the weight I need to lose before we move. I also have smaller goals I want to complete before then. But they aren't that much smaller, because I want to push myself. Eat less, eat healthy, exercise and watch the weight come off. I don't want to be fat and unhealthy anymore. Plus, Brian and I had been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years and nothing happened. When I finally went to a doctor to just check me out, he was very mean about it but just told me to lose 100-120 pounds and I'd get pregnant without any problems. I understand that part of what he said is probably right, although he was very rude about it. And my goal isn't to lose that much weight. But I don't want my weight to be an excuse anymore. So I'm making a change. And hopefully, after I've lost the weight, we've get pregnant!! And if we don't, then I can go to a new doctor and really get some answers, without anyone blaming my weight. Including myself.

Starting Weight - 260.4

Goal One - Lose 30 pounds before we leave to renew our vows.
We leave March 13th. So I want to weight myself March 12th and be at or under 230.4. We have 11 weeks to the day until we leave. That is 3 pounds a week. It's going to be hard, but I'm going to work hard. After I'm finished with this blog post, I'm going to hop over to and update all my info to input calories every day.

Goal Two - Lose 30 pounds by my birthday.
Once we come back from our vacation March 19th, I will have 12 weeks before my birthday. My goal will be to weigh myself the morning of my birthday and be at 200 pounds or less. That is 2.5 pounds a week. Assuming I don't gain more than just a couple pounds while on vacation. Brian and I plan to still work-out while we're down there.

Goal Three - Lose 20 pounds before we move.
We move Sept. 1st. My finish goal weight is 180 pounds. Once I hit my birthday goal weight, I'll be just 20 pounds away. So I will have 11 weeks to lose 20 pounds, making it about 2 pounds a week.

Completely not on purpose, my goals are harder in the beginning and seem to get a little easier throughout the year. (More time to lose less weight.) I'm hoping that will give me a little wiggle room, since I assume it will be hard to continue to lose weight the farther I go along. I also hope to combat that by doing longer work-out sessions the farther along the months go. Right off, I will be doing 3 days in the gym for 30 minutes each AND walking our dog 3 days a week for 30 minutes each. Once I'm in the groove of things, exercising regularly and working out my schedule with work, I'm going to add longer work out sessions in the gym and start walking the dog longer times too. At some point, I'll have to add more days in the gym, I'm sure, but for now, I'm starting small.

Exercising, on top of cutting down how many calories I eat a day, should be a huge step in the right direction. Plus, I've gotten a promotion at the daycare, so that should also be a bigger part of the day that I'm on my feet and moving around. I'm ready to get started!

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