Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 3 Weigh In (LATE)

Last week was rough. I weighed in last Monday, after feeling like I had busted my butt to work out, and I ended up having GAINED .4lb. I was really upset. My husband was very supportive, saying that he KNEW I had gained muscle during the week. Since the only exercise I had been doing was in the gym, either the stationary bike or the elliptical, plus just a little weight training with 3lb hand weights, I wasn't doing a lot of cardio. So Monday, I kinda crashed my diet with some cookies and chocolates. I went to bed and slept almost 10 hours (I'd worked all day too) and then woke up Tuesday morning with the intention to weigh myself again, and start fresh. I weighed and was only 253.0lb! I had actually LOST .8lb, even though I hadn't gone to the gym and eaten like CRAP on Monday. Then I realized, how much I sleep before I weigh really makes a difference on what my number is! Sunday nights, I rarely get to bed before 1am and then I wake up at 7am to go to work. So I'm usually weighing in on less than 6-7 hours of sleep. And my weigh numbers haven't been that great. So I've decided to change my weigh in day to Tuesdays. Monday nights, even if Brian closes, I just always seem to get more sleep. Even if I have to work my other job Tuesday morning, I still get more sleep. So I'm hoping that I'll see a bit better numbers with more sleep before I weigh in.
I also got out the tape measure and measured myself. That way, I can measure myself every so often and see results that aren't just weight based. Because I want to continue working with some free weights, building strength and tone and all that. So we'll see how my numbers look on Tuesday!

Starting weight - 260.4
Week One weigh-in - 254.2
Week Two weigh-in - 253.4
Week Three weigh-in - 253.0
Difference - .4 lb.


  1. You need to work out with me! :D You won't be able to lift your arms or legs after a workout with me. :)

    1. That sounds scary! lol We need to go on a walk together! =] Maybe get the pups together for some crazy!