Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 4

This past week was a little up and down, not going to lie. I had a bad last Monday that resulted in cookies and chocolate and some frustration. I woke up Tuesday morning after a lot of sleep, weighed myself and had lost .8lb. So I decided to change my weigh-in day to Tuesdays. I realized that this will also help me to blog on my actual weigh-in day, since I only work a few hours on Tuesdays. Funnily enough, this being my first actual Tuesday weigh-in day, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night! lol Brian had to close last night and then be at work at 8am this morning, so we're both running a little on empty. I also had a HORRIBLE migraine, starting on Thursday afternoon and not really leaving completely until Saturday afternoon-ish. I stayed in bed all of Thursday afternoon/night, didn't eat anything. It was awful. Then, Saturday was a holiday in our household. After a 4 month long lockout, this past Saturday was the first day of hockey season. I celebrated with a steak and 2 way too big brownies! I was pretty sure any weight I had lost from being sick I had to have gained back on our holiday. I was a little tentative to weigh myself Tuesday morning, but I lost! 1.4lb! Woot! It's not as much as I wanted to lose, but I'm still happy for a small weight than last week. I'm going to work hard and just eat less. I've decided that I shouldn't feel "full" so much during the day. I should start to get hungry between meals. And I usually don't. So I'm going to try and change that this week. I'm optimistic for the next weigh-in!

Starting weight - 260.4
Week One weigh-in - 254.2
Week Two weigh-in - 253.4
Week Three weigh-in - 253.0
Week Four weigh-in - 251.6
Difference - 1.4 lb.

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