Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week Eight!

I've been working hard this week and I've noticed a difference. What's even better, my husband has noticed a difference too!!  I haven't been hitting the gym, but I've made sure to just be active in other ways. From moving around more with the kids at work, going out to the tennis court with my dog and doing a little cardio, or taking a very long walk like yesterday. On Sunday, my hubby and I went to the tennis court with our dog. My husband puts on his hockey goalie gear and I have a tennis racket, I lob balls at him and he throws them back at me when he catches them. Our dog is our official ball boy and runs to catch the fly balls. A few weeks ago, when we started this, I could MAYBE do 20 minutes before I'd get winded and need a break or even need to stop. We were out there running around for a full hour and only came back in because both of our arms were getting sore. It was awesome! Then yesterday, it was so nice outside, I decided to take a walk with our dog. I'll admit, I went a little too far and should've started out smaller. We walked 3.6 miles and it took us about 70 minutes. It wasn't until about halfway back that my too big shoes gave me a blister. But this morning I don't even feel as sore as I thought I was going to, besides the blister. =] I feel great, I'm excited to be losing weight again! I also made a conscious effort to eat less. Less snacking, eating less for dinner has been a big deal too. And it's making a difference! I'm going to keep going this next week, we only have 3 weeks until we leave and although I'm not going to count on making my goal, I'm still going to work hard! =]

Starting weight - 260.4
Week One weigh-in - 254.2
Week Two weigh-in - 253.4
Week Three weigh-in - 253.0
Week Four weigh-in - 251.6
Week Five weigh-in - 247.6
Week Six weigh-in - 250.0
Week Seven weigh-in - 249.8
Week Eight weigh-in - 244.6
Difference -5.2

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