Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week Nine

One step forward, two steps back! I got sick. I caught a cold and just when I was starting to get better, I got the flu! It was awful. Plus, the only good about being sick is not being hungry and losing weight. Except this time!! I was sick ans starving the whole time! Plus, I didn't work out of much because I felt like death. So I gained 1.8 this past week. I'm slowly starting to feel better, so I'm worked out yesterday and again today, so hopefully it will be a much better number next week! Woot! =] Not letting a gain get me down!

Starting weight - 260.4
Week One weigh-in - 254.2
Week Two weigh-in - 253.4
Week Three weigh-in - 253.0
Week Four weigh-in - 251.6
Week Five weigh-in - 247.6
Week Six weigh-in - 250.0
Week Seven weigh-in - 249.8
Week Eight weigh-in - 244.6
Week Nine weigh-in - 246.4
Difference +1.8

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