Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mothers Day & Belated Bday Gifts

 I made this for my mother and father in law's birthdays. They're only a day or two apart in April, so their gift was LATE, but they loved it! It's a girl outline with Pittsburgh over the heart, where my mother-in-law is from. And a boy outline with Denver over the heart, where my father-in-law was raised. Plus, their anniversary date and a Beatles quote, as my fil is a HUGE Beatles fan. =] They love it!

And then I made these necklaces and photo pendants! I bought chain and clasps because I couldn't find any necklace lengths I was happy with. Then I used this tutorial to make my photo pendants. This set was for my mom, a picture of all us kids & her favorite picture of her mom who passed away a few years. We miss her a lot. Each pendant can be removed and worn one at a time. I already have plans to make more for future holidays! 

And this one I made for my mother-in-law. These pictures came out lighter and I couldn't figure out how to fix them, but they worked out in the end! One pendant is a picture of my hubby and I, with his mom and stepdad from of vow renewal. The other is a picture of my MIL and FIL from our vow renewal, the picture is actually of something else entirely and they were caught in the background. I managed to pull their portion out and tweak it a bit and TADA! lol She loved them both! I have more pendants planned for her too! =]

I'm alive!!

Haha! I'm still around! Currently, I don't have any orders or even really any projects going right now. I thought I was getting two orders recently, but the customers didn't really follow through. Oh well! So, I had an idea for a knit backpack, so I'm thinking and designing a little something. And I am definitely about to make an EVIL MINION hat for Despicable Me 2!!

EVIL MINIONS!!! I want to make a hat asap! I just need to get some better purple yarn. I only have a very dark purple and a purple that is a little too light.. To the yarn store! lol I'll post about it after I get started! =]

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dinosaurs! =]

I made an awesome dinosaur gift a little bit ago that I forgot to post! =] Hat with matching 'claws'!!

Green hat with orange spikes

Orange gloves with green claws


I am completely loving them! And I made two sets. Orange and green for a 5 year old little boy and pink and green for a 4 year old little girl who is in love with dinosaurs. =] Both kids loved their gifts a bunch, making me a very happy knitter.