Sunday, June 23, 2013

Marathon crafting!

I have been working on a few different crafts lately. I had planned on making an evil minion hat, but then I got a last minute order for 2 hats! The same day I found out that 2 of my styrofoam wreaths were broken. And I decided to make a patriotic wreath to send to my grandfather-in-law, to hang on his door. Having cleaned the house yesterday, I had my hubby take the car to work his 10am-8pm shift, leaving me to marathon craft and marathon Harry Potter movies! =) And I'm done! 2 hats, done! 2 wreaths fixed! Another wreath made, start to finish! Now, I have to folds one load of clothes out of the dryer, and I can get back to working on the minion hat. =)

For the pictures - 2 hats, 2 fixed wreaths, and the wreath for grandpap.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Chugging along!

I'm working out, losing weight, knitting and cleaning house! Besides that, still battling with losing weight and trying to get pregnant. But thankfully, I seem to be surrounded by love and support. Some from friends and family and friends I consider family, and others from people I hardly even know. It's just great. So I'd like to share a blog from a wonderful lady who had been experiencing infertility and just announced on her blog that she's about 13 weeks pregnant! I'm so happy for her! And this is the link to her blog posting that pretty much hit my feelings on the nose sometimes. =] Go Read! =]