Sunday, June 23, 2013

Marathon crafting!

I have been working on a few different crafts lately. I had planned on making an evil minion hat, but then I got a last minute order for 2 hats! The same day I found out that 2 of my styrofoam wreaths were broken. And I decided to make a patriotic wreath to send to my grandfather-in-law, to hang on his door. Having cleaned the house yesterday, I had my hubby take the car to work his 10am-8pm shift, leaving me to marathon craft and marathon Harry Potter movies! =) And I'm done! 2 hats, done! 2 wreaths fixed! Another wreath made, start to finish! Now, I have to folds one load of clothes out of the dryer, and I can get back to working on the minion hat. =)

For the pictures - 2 hats, 2 fixed wreaths, and the wreath for grandpap.

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