Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I know I haven't posted in AGES! Part of the reason is - we moved!! From Albuquerque, New Mexico to Hewitt, Texas. Now we are RIGHT outside of Waco, halfway between Dallas and Austin. It's a cute little town, and where we are is pretty small town. Just last week a nearby bank put up a sign that said "We are now open Saturdays! 9am-Noon!" It's great. But during our move, I spent 7 week down by the beach with my in-laws while my hubby was in Houston, training for his new job. And then I moved up here, and he spent another 3 weeks with training before he could finally be here too!
Now that we are both in our place, and we've both gotten settled with our new jobs, we are back on the diet and exercise wagon. I definitely fell off and gained weight during that 10 weeks. It wasn't a crazy amount at first, but I slowly gained back about 11lb before I weighed myself for a starting weight last week. I wasn't happy with that, but I know that it could've been much worse. =]
A little about my new job that leads me to my new diet. I interviewed on the phone with a great woman named Christie, she was looking for a back-up nanny for her 3 month old son, on the days that her nanny is sick or has a dr appointment. I was looking for a solid part-time job and had already applied at about 10 daycares in the area. I told her this, but we still had a phone interview and TOTALLY HIT IT OFF! It was like talking to a really good friend on the phone, so awesome. The very next morning, as I'm walking down the stairs to put on my shows and workout, she calls me and asks if I can come watch her little boy that day! It was supposed to be her nanny's first day of working, and she called Christie to tell her she'd be a few hours late! What?!? I said absolutely! I was there all day, and I completely loved it! The little boy is super sweet and happy, and she is just great! Talking to her was like we'd already been friends forever. Before I'd left that day, she offered me the full-time position!! I was really looking for full-time, but I couldn't pass it up! So, I now work for her full-time, but most days it's not even like a job. She works from home, so she tries to take her son while she's on her lunch break so I can eat lunch without having to worry about a crying baby. And we have become good friends! I absolutely love my job!
In my first week, she and I got to talking about weight and dieting. I told her my dieting and fertility problems, and she knew exactly what I was talking about because she had the same problems! She has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and had such a hard time losing weight that she had gastric surgery and still has to diet and go to the gym to maintain her smaller size. She told me that with her PCOS, she had to do a low carb diet before she saw consistent results with dieting and going to the gym. I told her that I was willing to try that! So we are dieting together now! Both doing low carb, and I'm trying to workout when I can. This past week was my first week of low carb and working out. I didn't go crazy with the exercise because I didn't want to over do it, especially since I'm working full-time now. I'll weigh myself in the morning, hopefully I do well! =] This coming week, my goals are to work out 5 days for 30 minutes each time. At least 3 cardio workouts, and at least two 30 minutes walks with my dog. I'm actually going to show for 3 walks with Fezzik. I know he could use the workout just as much as me!
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 4 years now, without any success. But I have only gone to see one doctor, and I had such a bad experience, I haven't been to the dr since then. My goal is to now be 50lb lighter before I go see a dr about not getting pregnant. If it doesn't happen before then!! =] Actually, right after I started low carb, Christie had a dream that I was pregnant with a little boy. 2 days later, one of my old bosses texted me to say that she had just had a dream that I was pregnant with twin girls. 3 days after that, my mom asked me if I was pregnant! So, since I'm about 95% positive that I'm not pregnant just yet, Brian and I took that to mean that we are on the right path. =] He's got his new job that he is awesome at and is really liking. I have a new job that I LOVE! We are both getting healthier, and we are in a new place. I'm going to lose weight and then see a doctor, going to finally seriously try for a baby!! =]
I'm going to try and get a post up once week after I weigh in. And maybe I could even post in between with some crafty projects! Since that is kinda the whole reason I started a blog in the first place! haha =] I do have a bunch of stuff that I have done, but most of them are gifts that I can't post just yet. I'm mailing 2 boxes tomorrow that have 3 projects in them, once I know they have been received, all post about them. I'm excited to share! I'm actually about to go set up my shows to record for the week, and I'll be getting back to knitting Christmas presents! Hopefully, I'll be posting again soon!! =]

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