Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Watson!!! =) The newest member of our household! He is 3 months old, a basset hound and sharpei mix. We're pretty sure he's more basset than sharpei. But he's our little barshar!
Fezzik loves him! They like to wrestle around and Watson loves to chase Fezzik. Fez is still getting used to having a puppy in the house, bothering him. It's pretty funny. On Sunday, Fezzik took his toy over to the hubs, so he would throw it. Fez dropped it on the ground, but before hubby could pick it up, Watson grabbed it and ran away! So hubs says "Well, where is your toy?" Fez looked down and then had a moment of panic! You could see on his face the "what the hell??!!" It was so funny! Other than that, the boys have been getting along great!
And Watson is a good, little puppy for us! He knows he's supposed to go potty outside, although he does have accidents, it's expected. And there are far less accidents than I thought there would be at this point. He's a good boy! We are super happy with him. =)

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