Monday, February 24, 2014

Week Eight - Happy Surprise!

Good morning all! Happy Monday! Although I'd much rather be at home, still sleeping! But I've already been at work 1.5 hours this morning.
This past week wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either. I didn't log my food into myfitness, so I didn't count carbs or calories. And I worked out on the treadmill once. Fezzik and I didn't even go to the dog park yesterday like we have been, but there was a good reason for that one. =) I did try to be mindful of my portions, and only eat when I was hungry. But, I expected a gain this week.
Usually, I wake up Monday morning and check what last weeks weigh-in was, so I know if I've gained or lost as soon as my scale flashes the number at me. This morning, I completely forgot to check my previous number. So I weighed myself and thought I'd gained .2 lb.. I wasn't happy with the gain, but I had expected a larger one, so I wasn't too torn up about it. I got ready and started my day. Once I was at work, I had a baby sleeping on me, so I decided to log my weight and breakfast into myfitness. I know that in order to hit my goals, I need to stick with logging my food and exercising. So I logged in, and found out that instead of gaining .2 like I thought, I actually LOST a pound this past week. Woot! Happy surprise! That definitely made my morning brighter. Now, I still have 9lb to lose in the next 3 weeks in order to hit my anniversary weight goal, but I'm going to work hard to accomplish this! This week is all about getting back to it, logging food and exercising! =)
Also, I have 3 weeks left at my current job! My boss interviewed two ladies last week, and had one of them come do a working interview Saturday morning. I came over and met her (and her 5 month old daughter) during that, and I really liked her (them!). My boss offered her the job yesterday, and she accepted! She currently works at a daycare, so she's putting in her 2 weeks notice today. So she'll start March 10th, and I'll do half days that week, just so she isn't overwhelmed her first week. She's bringing her daughter to work with her, so we're going to work together with both of them that first week. And then my first day of finding a new job is my anniversary - March 17th! I think Brian is going to request that day off, so we'll spend the day together, and then I'll kick off trying to find a part-time daycare job! =) I'm really excited!
During nap today, I'll try to write another post to introduce the newest member of our family. (hint - think little barker) =) Until next time!

Starting Weight - 261.8
Week One - 256.6
Week Two - 252.6
Week Three - 254.2
Week Four - 253.8
Week Five - 253.6
Week Six - 251.2
Week Seven - 254.4
Week Eight - 253.4
Lost - 1


Goals for Me -
Anniversary weight -03/17/2014- 245.0
Birthday weight -06/15/2014- 220.0
Halloween weight -10/31/2014 -200.0
Goal weight -12/15/2014 -180.0

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