Sunday, March 23, 2014


I can't weigh myself, my scale is broken and I didn't realize it until a couple days ago.. I weighed myself last Monday and I was the same as week ten's weight. I was a little disappointed. Then I weighed myself on Thursday, and I had gained 8lb!! I moved the scale, weighed myself again, had lost 70lb!Needless to say, my scale is broken and I have to get another one. My hubby and I were at walmart yesterday and I completely forgot to get one.. Now, he has one in his bathroom that isn't digital, but I've noticed that our floors upstairs are so crooked and slanted, the scales are sometimes way off! I think I'm going to bring his scale downstairs tomorrow morning and try to weigh myself. But honestly, I just need to go get a new digital scale asap! Until then, I'll be working out and dieting more this week. =]

Week Eleven
Starting Weight - 261.8
Week One - 256.6
Week Two - 252.6
Week Three - 254.2
Week Four - 253.8
Week Five - 253.6
Week Six - 251.2
Week Seven - 254.4
Week Eight - 253.4
Week Nine - 253.4
Week Ten - 254.6

Goals for Me -
Anniversary weight -03/17/2014- 245.0
Birthday weight -06/15/2014- 220.0
Halloween weight -10/31/2014 -200.0
Goal weight -12/15/2014 -180.0

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