Monday, April 28, 2014

Week Two & Three

I'd been slacking the past two weeks. Still walking on some days, but I didn't stick with myfitness every day. And the past two weeks, my husband's day off has been Sunday. The day before I weigh in.Last Sunday, on Easter, we went to a Texas Rangers baseball game. It was so much fun!! I had a hotdog and french fries, but we didn't go crazy or anything. But I know that kind of food just weighed me down when I weighed in the next morning. Then yesterday, my husband made dinner. Homemade burgers and tots. So yummy! I thought I was going to have a great weigh in this morning, but not so much after those burgers. =) I'm not stressing about it too much right now, it's just telling me that I need to make changes for this week. More exercising, more myfitness, less food! lol It will probably also help this week that my husbands days off are Thursday and Friday, so I'll have two days to keep working out before I weigh in. Since I also don't usually workout on our day off together. =)

Week Two - 
Starting Weight - 257.8
Week One - 252.6
Week Two - 252.4
Lost - 0.2

Week Three - 
Starting Weight - 257.8
Week One - 252.6
Week Two - 252.4
Week Three - 253.2
GAINED - 0.8

Bleh.. =( So, I'm making changes today! Going to do some chores around the house, then hopefully I'll have time to walk to dogs before I go to work. I have to go in early today, but I'm pretty sure I'll have the time. Making better changes for this next week!! I have 48 days and 15lb to go to hit my goal birthday weight. Gotta get to it!!

Goals for Me -
Birthday weight -06/15 - 238
100 Days weight - 07/12 - 233
Halloween weight -10/31 - 215

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