Monday, April 28, 2014


 This is my Easter wreath! I used 2 strands of garland, plus a bunny ears headband and a cut-out bunny face. All bought at hobby lobby! I love it, and better yet - My mother in law loves it! She didn't even hang it in her window (I make wreaths to hang in her window), but in the house so she could see it every day! =]


Here is the St. Patrick's Day wreath! I used 2 strands of clover garland, and then a little leprechaun top hat. I think that hat was meant to be a hair accessory, but it worked perfectly here! 

And most recently, my mother and father in law both have birthdays in April. Their birthdays are actually one day after the other. Plus, their anniversary is in April too. So I decided to make them a little lovebirds wreath. My mother in laws favorite color is blue, and then when I found the birds, I liked how the orange popped against the blue. After I'd gotten home, I realized that the blue and orange is Denver Broncos colors, my father in laws favorite sports team! So, it's perfect for the both of them! =] I used two feathered boas, two birds (came in a set of three), a bit of ribbon, and then I cut out a red felt heart. And she absolutely loves it!!  

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