Thursday, November 24, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm feeling pretty thankful today. I went to the doctor last week, and thought about writing an update. What better day to do that, than the day of being thankful. =)

First, I had more blood drawn last week.
Results -
Iron - still low, but much higher than it was.
Thyroid - still low, but higher than it was.
Sugars are great, not diabetic. Not even pre-diabetic!
Blood pressure is normal.
Cholesterol is normal.

In even better news, my heart murmur has completely resolved itself! My primary doctor was pretty sure the murmur was only a result of my extremely low iron. Now that those numbers are getting better, the heart murmur is gone!

I have to go back in the middle of February for another round of blood testing, but now it's just routine testing.

I also went to the ob/gyn for another ultrasound, so see how my body is progressing with my cancer treatment. According to the ultrasound, and talking to my oncologist, my body is responding well to treatment. The medicine I've been on has shrunk the cancerous cells, and my oncologist was able to remove all the cancerous cells during my last surgery. I've been downgraded from cancer to hyperplasia. Hyperplasia is pretty much the precursor to cancer. If I stopped my meds and treatment, it would still progress to cancer. But the fact that I'm in the pre-cancercous range and not the cancerous range, that's great progress!

My next step is to continue my medications and treatment, and I'll be having surgery again on Dec. 12th. The same surgery as before, with hopefully even better results! I'm so thankful for the good news! Thank you to everyone for your prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes. =)