Sunday, February 5, 2017

2nd Surgery Follow Up Appt

Hello again everyone!

I recently went back to my oncologist to get the pathology results from my last surgery. I actually went about two weeks ago, but I've been sick and am just now getting around to writing an update about it.

It was a very quick appointment, I spent more time in the waiting room then I did actually talking to my doctor. He told me that my results are better than they were, but they still aren't back to normal. Previously, my cells were downgraded from cancerous to pre-cancerous. This time they've been downgraded from pre-cancerous to abnormal. A great step in the right direction! However, they are still abnormal enough that my doctor wants to do one more surgery at the end of May/beginning of June. He's confident that this next surgery will be my last one, and after that we can start taking steps towards helping me get pregnant. I'm happy that my body is responding so well to my medication, but still bummed that I'll need another surgery. Especially since our deductible restarted January 1st, so that's not going to be cheap. But I'm taking this as a big sign that I need to focus on losing weight and being healthier before I get the all clear to start trying to get pregnant. Because I definitely don't want to be pregnant at this weight! So, that's what I'm going to stay focused on these next few months. Diet and exercise!

It's a short update, but still a good one. Downgraded to not even pre-cancerous cells in my body! That's awesome! Hopefully, I'll just need one last surgery and then we can finally focus on making some babies! =) Thanks again for everyone's positive thoughts and prayers! Please keep them coming, and I'll keep you all updated!